«Her tools are initially neither brushes nor paint tubes, but she immerses herself in the world of technology until she finds the desired composition. In a second phase her magical applications transform the work into light and color, giving way to her magical intervention of known faces that despite their original beauty, succeed in seducing the viewer again immortalizing themselves in current environments and situations»

Liliana Pulella, Gallerist and Curator, Cre-Arte Argentina

Collective and individual exhibitions


  • Gallery Days Palermo Circuit with Conectarte Baires and Art Gallery 365
  • BAAEX Buenos Aires Art Experience Palermo Hippodrome.
  • Red Tree Premium Art Gallery Uruguay
  • "Libertades" Individual exhibition at Hotel Pestana
  • Art in the Delta, permanent exhibition
  • Art on Paper New York with Gallery Labs.
  • Art Market San Francisco with Gallery Labs
  • Artivist Exhibition at the Municipal Institute of Cultures Alte. Brown
  • Art Gallery 365 and Conectarte Baires at Gallery Days Circuit Palermo
  • Exhibition "Women of Yesterday and Today" in Palacio el Victorial
  • International Exhibition "Frida Kahlo" with Universe of Arts
  • Exhibition 5 Arts Centro Cultural Borges


  • Exhibition "Black and White in colors" in Espacio T
  • The night of The Museums with Art Gallery 365 and Conectarte Baires.
  • Boutique d' Art Gallery Artout
  • BADA 2018 in the Rural of Palermo
  • Unusual in Telmho Hotel Butique San Telmo
  • Aqua, Art Basel Miami with Gallery Labs.
  • Unusual Art Exhibition at Urbanica The Libertador Hotel
  • Navidart in Norcenter
  • Art Event Arenales Gallery with Conectarte Baires and Gallery 365.
  • Conectarte Baires in Adriana Budich Gallery.
  • Art Gallery in Arenales Gallery
  • Creative Entrepreneurs Fair at Palermo Hippodrome
  • Connectarte Baires in Arenales Gallery
  • Doors Inside San Isidro in Iolo Café