I took the challenge and locked myself up in photoshop classes, digital applications and endless tools. I devoured every cluster of information I discovered. Then I started my first tests picking up iconic women that inspire me, passionate individuals who changed history, and showed the world that the only permanent thing is change. Women who will endure forever for the mark they left and will leave.

Time passed and the first digital collages took shape: The Monalisa, Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Frida Kahlo and Eva Perón were re born. I found myself literally facing a new world with infinite possibilities of rebirth and prominence.
At that point I understood the road I was due to take; combining my two passions: technology and art. I would create new scenarios where the protagonists came back to life echoing new messages for the Third Millennium.

With that purpose, I specialized in finding the best means to reach my goal: I trained in new technologies until I reached what I wanted, but everything was still there in the Online Universe. All my characters were finally alive but locked up in a screen. The only way to release them was to lower them to the frame again but this time in a disruptive and somewhat insolent way.

I started printing in large sizes and put together all those materials that I loved to use as a girl at school: acrylic, fluo paints, appliques, buttons, stones, sequins and my main ally: tons of glitter!

The turn was taken and my path took direction. And I love it when they tell me that my work is "different" because I feel that it is, each piece holds something dear to me, a "cluster" of my Soul put into action and embodied from the heart.

Each work I do takes hours of thorough work, adhesive, patience, risks, failing and getting it right until it reaches its destination.

What do I intend with my work?
I want to transform my characters into a bridge. I want them to be messengers of union and evolution without prejudice, I want them to be the glue that sticks compassion, understanding, sharing and love between people. Ultimately I want them to help make this world a better place.